Robert Sobocinski

Born in 1960 in Poznań, Poland. Graduated from the sculpture faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. He studied architecture at Poznań Polytechnic. He has created works for over 20 years. He has presented his works since the early 1980s, initially in Poland, then also in Germany, Belgium, and for the past 14 years mainly in France.



Françoise Monin :

"Inspiration, nobleness: these could be the first definitions of the works of Robert Sobociński, who makes the created forms swirl, imagines them until he forgets about the density of bronze that he makes them with. This amazing world refers to cocoons that butterflies leave behind, to mutation, to placenta. (...) Robert Sobociński's bronze, melting like wax, preserves the reflection of the body that freed itself from its earthly heaviness to join the ball of ghosts. The enlivening and melancholic shape is above all a solid recollection of a body, a memory of the performed work, an allegory of the necessary effort, a prelude to each created form. Robert Sobociński materialises successful escapes".