Exceptionnal Sconces for High End Interiors

We produce lighting in bronze, brass, and utilize gem stones for unique pieces . Our models , signed, are realized with luxury materials for unique interiors . We also produce bespoke models according to your design or with the help of our designers.



                                                                                                   Pair of Sconces in Etched brass and Alabaster - Model Aquafortis by Arriau

                                                                                                   Sconces in Brass Patinated and Rock Crystal, Model Bijou by Arriau

                                                                                                   Pair of Sconces in Brass and Agate - with Chiseled Nenuphars in brass patinated - Model Nenuphar by Arriau

                                                                                                   Pair of Sconces in Bronze and alabaster - Model Drop of light by Arriau

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